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Imparting quality and timely services to people with mental health issues and to individuals with ID and mental illness, otherwise known as “the other dually diagnosed”, has become an ongoing challenge to families and providers in the US, especially in the post-pandemic years. The complex needs of this population and the families that support them are not always addressed due to various limitations that providers of services face every day. Where do we go from here?

Our Services

Behavioral Health

ACCID Maryland offers long-term supports to people with mental illness through PRP, Employment, Psychotherapy, and Holistic Psychiatry services.

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Developmental Disability

Developmental Disability services to individuals with a dual diagnoses of Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders have a major..

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Primary Care

Primary care is our first line of defense. It is the “de facto” mental health system. Let’s face it. For effective behavior health care, we..

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We once suffered a debilitating mental illness. We continue to live with intellectual disabilities. The smallest of tasks could seem too daunting to even think about. Now, we can face the day with confidence and dignity; we feel empowered to create the future that we deserve. Read our stories…


    What do our stakeholders say?

    Maria SmithBenefactress

    I am aware of the impact of mental illness. But, I feel the charm of meaningful life that now matters to me thanks to services I received from ACIDD. Thank you

    John CummingsAdjuvant

    My brother is an artist. Despite his limitations, he could bring art and drwings to change his mind, thanks to the guidance of ACIDD staff through their creative art classes at ACIDD Resource Center in Laurel!

    John DarwinMaryland

    There is a plan and purpose, a value to every life, no matter where I am, who I am my age, gender oe dusability. I realize that ACIDD considers all ofthese for those who whose what they want in their life!

    Quynh FaiMaryland

    It takes an open-minded individual to look beyond a disability. I have had my opportunity to choose who I want to be in ACIDD through its services

    Kendra ElliotMaryland

    I am an advocate for disability rights. Support the cause worldwide, just as I realized that ACIDD does it for its service receipients!.

    Nora RobertsMaryland

    So many of the world's problems are solved by sheer human decency. ACIDD respects their staff, job and committment to people they support.